Voice Overs  VoiceOverJones.com

            Voice actor and narrator for commercials, training, broadcast, events, and more.

            For broadcast, music, training, audiobooks, and more.

Audio Production

            Commercial and residential real estate, inspections, mapping, and modeling.

Drone Photo/Video/Imaging  OKCaerial.com

            Commercial and residential real estate, events, 360-degree imaging.

Photography  JonesPics.com
Radio/TV/Film Talent  IMDB.me/KentJones

            Radio personality, TV and film actor and spokesperson.


Radio, Television, Video, and Film

Over 40 years on air, on mic, and on camera.

Narration, Audiobooks, Voice Acting

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Host, Film and Television Actor

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FAA Certified Part 107 Remote Pilot

For Real Estate, Inspections, Events, and Broadcast

Aerial Video and Photography: OKCaerial.com

 Real Estate Photography: JonesPics.com

Landscape Photography: JonesPics.com

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Radio, Television, Video, and Film

Over 40 years of production expertise.

Broadcast Production

Music Editing

Program Production

Vocal Recording




Since 1975, Kent Jones has had a successful career in radio and television programming and production.  As an on-air talent, producer, and program director, he has been heard and seen on stations in Ohio, New Jersey, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, Florida, and Oklahoma.  His 30+ years as Program Director of KOMA radio in Oklahoma City has helped the station to be a consistent market leader.


Throughout his radio career, Kent has expanded his services to include voice-overs and audio production.  He continues to voice and produce hundreds of broadcast commercials, corporate narrations, nationally syndicated radio programs, audiobooks.  He also produces several custom projects for vocalists, businesses, and churches as well as cheerleading and dance competitors.

An extension of Kent's television career is his offering of photography and video services.  Having had an eye for composition and a love for photography since childhood, Kent enjoys his work with the camera.  From broadcast video production to still photography for commercial and residential real estate, Kent has decades of expertise in the medium.


With the advent of drone technology, Kent added aerial photo/video to his list of services.  As an FAA-Certified Remote Pilot, his aerial projects have included numerous commercial and residential real estate photo/video shoots, as well as television commercials, weddings, promotional video, nadir imaging, and insurance inspections.

He has been an advocate of awareness and compliance of FAA regulations, speaking at state and national broadcasters' conventions and local business meetings about the ever-expanding uses of drones and the importance of safety and compliance.

Kent also draws on his radio and television talents to perform in feature films.  He has principal roles in The Gray Man, Skid, Cowgirls n' Angels, and Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer.

Throughout his career, Kent has serviced an exhaustive list of clients including:

Chesapeake Energy Corporation, Walmart, Access Midstream Partners, Wood Safety Training, Monarch Entertainment, St. Anthony Hospital, Levy Retail Group, Wholesale Hot Tubs, WEHT-TV, WOUB-TV, Moore-Norman Vo-Tech, University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond Libertyfest, CwC Films, Roach Films, The Good News Report, Cascade Complete, Integris Hospital, Federal Aviation Administration, WNDE, WTVN, KOMA, WOMI, WBRW, WKYG, WDAD, WEHT, WFYI, KTSO, Indianapolis Power and Light, Tru-Value Hardware, Oklahoma Department of Tourism, Donatos Pizza, Mega Health and Life Insurance, and many more.


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Edmond, OK, USA


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