Kent Jones Productions, LLC is a full-service audio-video production company. With over 35 years in business producing all types of media from audiobooks, nationally syndicated radio shows, music CDs, live event videos, award-winning films, training videos, and aerial photography.


We've been flying drones since 2014.  The use of our aerial video quad-copter compliments the traditional production equipment that is required to create quality productions.  We understand the production value that is possible with footage from the air.  And we know how to capture it.


The major advantage to using Kent Jones Productions is you get one company that can provide all phases of a professional video production, including award winning video editing.

Remote Pilot in Command
FAA certification is required for any drone pilot to fly for any commercial purpose.  Using a certified Remote Pilot in Command assures that you are using someone who knows how to fly safely and obtain proper ATC clearances in the National Airspace System.
Stay legal. Stay safe. Hire only FAA certified drone operators.