Use Us For:

Real Estate

Showcase prime properties and homes.  Aerial video provides a perspective view of a property that is sometimes difficult or expensive to achieve from ground level equipment or jib-arm extensions.  Viewers experience the feeling of flying by and over the property.


The video sequences of aerial sweeps will captivate the target audience.  Videos are more interesting and enhance the “stickiness” of a viewer to watch the commercial. The longer they watch, the more likely they are to buy.



Sports, marathons, weddings, concerts, company outings, and everything you can imagine are all captured from the air. This adds awesome effects to highlight videos.  (See Safety Rules)



Capture their attention with stunning visuals that make them say “Wow!”




For agriculture, energy, insurance, public service, and construction, our high-definition aerial imaging allows for safe, inexpensive inspection of projects and equipment with a video or still image record for your files.