Aerial Video

Grab Attention and Hold Onto It

These unique video sequences can be used to enhance the marketing and presentation of properties, homes, developments, and special events.

An aerial tour of a beautiful property can make a real impression on your potential customers.  They can't get this view any other way!

Showcase Your Best Properties and Venues

ABOUT THIS VIDEO:  A collection of video from a variety of locations.  Using a high-definition GoPro video camera mounted on a three-axis motorized gimbal in synchronization with the GPS-stabilized quad-copter, KJP is able to capture very smooth video and stills at a cost that is very reasonable.


ABOUT THIS VIDEO:  Tony's Tree Plantation is a beautiful venue for weddings and other events year 'round.  Located in the Oklahoma City metro area, the setting feels like a remote tropical resort.  The large shelter with fireplace and grill are nestled in this unique environment for everyone to enjoy.


Aerial video can be used for numerous physical inspection situations where access would be dangerous, expensive, or difficult. 

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Damaged KOMA-AM towers (now KOKC) after the March 25, 2015 tornado.  A close-up view of the standing tower's damage.  Engineers deemed the tower too dangerous to climb so it was cut loose and allowed to fall on April 4th.  These towers carried KOMA's 50,000 watt signal to 23 states and 5 continents since 1947.


These sweeping views give the homebuyer a better view of the house and nearby area. It's an

eye-grabbing perspective that makes a big difference!  

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: A house/event center, a community golf course and a nearby house for sale, and a 5-acre property and home.  These videos help to give perspective on the property and highlight the area including a golf course as a convenient neighborhood attraction.


The live video downlink, enables the videographer to see and capture video in real time to ensure the footage perspective and quality are optimal.

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: A view of downtown Oklahoma City from the west, traffic at the Dallas Junction, City Hall, and the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.


Compared to traditional manned aircraft and helicopters, the quad-copter can get closer to the subject with a greater variety of shots, safer, and at a fraction of the cost.

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Located in Oklahoma City's Lower Bricktown district, the Land Run Monument spans across the south extension of the Bricktown Canal and allows a beautiful view of the downtown skyline.